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Piercing Saw Blades

Replacement blades for fine metal cutting work using an Eclipse Piercing saw frame
  • Manufactured from high quality carbon steel hardened and tempered in a pyrometrically controlled furnace
  • 125mm (5") long blade fits the Eclipse Fret piercing saw frame
  • Available in a range of thicknesses, width and teeth from 32-80TPI
  • Suitable for cutting gold, silver, steel, copper, brass and nickel
  • Blade is fitted with the teeth pointing towards the handle and cuts on the pull or draw stroke resulting in a fast cut
  • Teeth are undercut to permit quicker penetration in sawing
  • Part NumberDescriptionBlade LengthTPIBlades in packOuter Pack QTYBarcode
    PS32Piercing Saw Blade 32TPI125mm (5")3210015012095000457
    PS44Piercing Saw Blade 44TPI125mm (5")4410015012095000440
    PS52Piercing Saw Blade 52TPI125mm (5")5210015012095000433
    PS60Piercing Saw Blade 60TPI125mm (5")6010015012095000426
    PS80Piercing Saw Blade 80TPI125mm (5")8010015012095000419