Easy Grip Riveter 3,4,5mm

The Eclipse range of hand riveting tools offers a selection of models designed for light industrial and engineering use. The riveter bodies and operating levers are manufactured from the finest pressed steel and the jaws, nose bushes and similar stressed parts are hardened and tempered for durability
  • For use with rivet sizes: 3mm (1/8"), 4mm (5/32"), 5mm (3/16"),
  • Easy one handed operation
  • Well suited to light engineering use, especially for the home and workshop, providing a professional finish
  • CodeDescriptionUse with these RivetersFor use with Rivet sizesKit ContentsPack sizeBarcode
    02738ANose Kit 5 x 72HD12A2720, 2730, 2750, 27703mm (1/8")5 x 72HD12A15013035023079
    02738A-HD3mm Nose Kit 5pk for 2750HD2750HD and 27603mm (1/8")5 x 3mm15013035042988
    02738BNose Kit 5 x 72HD13A2720, 2730, 2750, 27704mm (5/32")5 x 72HD13A15013035023086
    02738B-HD4mm Nose Kit 5pk for 2750HD2750HD and 27604mm (5/32")5 x 4mm15013035042995
    02738CNose Kit 5 x 72HD142720, 2730, 2750, 27705mm (3/16")5 x 72HD1415013035023093
    02738C-HD5mm Nose Kit 5pk for 2750HD2750HD and 27605mm (3/16")5 x 5mm15013035043008
    02738D-HD6mm Nose Kit 5pk for 2750HD2750HD and 27606mm (1/4") 5 x 6mm15013035043015
    02768ANose Kit 72LA12-13A-13S-14 (4 Pieces)2750HD and 27604mm (5/32"), 5mm (3/16"), 6mm (1/4")1 x 72LA12 (4mm), 1 x 72LA13A (5mm - For Aluminium), 1 x 72LA13S (5mm - For steel), 1 x 72LA14 (6mm)15013035023109
    CodeDescriptionUse with these RivetersPack sizeBarcode
    2738Jaw Kit 5 Pairs x 72HD52720, 2730, 2750, 277215013035023062
    2768Jaw Kit 5 Pairs x 72LA52750HD and 276015013035023116
    CodeDescriptionUse with these RivetersPack sizeBarcode
    2739Repair Kit for 2730/27702730, 2770, 272015013035030350
    2759Repair Kit for 2750275015013035030367
    2769Repair Kit for 27602750HD and 276015013035030374
    CodeDescriptionRivet DiameterTypeMaximum GripOverall length to collarPack sizeBarcode
    A24LAluminium Rivets Long 4mm x Box1004mm (3/16")Long9mm9mm105013035024557
    A24MAluminium Rivets Med 4mm x Box 1004mm (5/32")Medium5mm8mm105013035022089
    A24SAluminium Rivets Short 4mm x Box 1004mm (5/32")Short2mm6mm105013035024762
    A25LAluminium Rivets Long 5mm x Box 1005mm (5/32")Long11mm11mm105013035024779
    A25MAluminium Rivets Med 5mm x Box 1005mm (5/32")Medium7mm10mm105013035022096
    A25SAluminium Rivets Short 5mm x Box1005mm (3/16")Short3mm7mm105013035024786