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VDE - End Wire Stripper 6"

Eclipse offers a comprehensive range of high quality VDE approved cutters and pliers for the professional electrician. Each tools is VDE approved meaning that it is tested 10 10,000V for complete safety assurance when working on live equipment up to 1,00V AC
  • Manufactured from high quality drop forged carbon steels
  • Size: 160mm (6")
  • Diameter: 2.0mm
  • Diameter: 1.6mm2
  • Removes insulation from cables without damaging the core
  • Suitable for a variety of cable sizes - the adjustable stop screw allows setting of the required wire stripping diameter
  • Knurled screw head allows one handed adjustment
  • Spring return for automatic handle opening
  • Ergonomic soft feel handles
  • Integrated hand stop reducing the risk of contact with the metal head
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