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Screw Clamps

Screw clamps manufactured to DIN5117 standards for medium to heavy duty wood working applications Available in 80mm and 120mm Throat Depths
  • Fixed and movable heads are manufactured from cast iron
  • Corrosion resistant nickel plated steel bar
  • Cast iron heads and nickel plated steel bar offer maximum strength
  • 80mm Throat depth models can achieve up to 250 kgf and 120mm Throat depth models up to 300 kgf of sustainable clamping force.
  • The sliding head quickly sets the clamp to the required capacity
  • Serrated grooves on the corrosion resistant nickel plated bar prevent slippage in use.
  • Traditional wooden handle provides a firm and comfortable grip.
  • The plastic pads snap fit to both the swivel shoe and the fixed head to provide an even distribution of clamping force across the workpiece protecting it from marking damage
  • Part noClamping CapacityThroat DepthPack QuantityBarcode
    EC-SC80R10250mm (10")80mm 105012095607168
    EC-SC80R12300mm (12")80mm 105012095607175
    EC-SC80R16400mm (16")80mm 105012095607212
    EC-SC80R24600mm (24")80mm 65012095607199
    EC-SC80R32800mm (32")80mm 65012095607205
    EC-SC80R40*1000mm (40")80mm 65012095611561
    EC-SC80R48*1220mm (48")80mm 15012095611554
    EC-SC80R6150mm (6")80mm 105012095607601
    EC-SC80R8200mm (8")80mm 105012095607151
    EC-SCR10250mm (10")120mm105012095607625
    EC-SCR12300mm (12")120mm105012095071785
    EC-SCR16400mm (16")120mm105012095071792
    EC-SCR24600mm (24")120mm105012095071808
    EC-SCR32800mm (32")120mm65012095071815
    EC-SCR401000mm (40")120mm65012095602729
    EC-SCR48*1220mm (48")120mm15012095611578
    EC-SCR6150mm (6")120mm105012095607618
    EC-SCR8200mm (8")120mm105012095071778