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Razorsharp Fibreglass Handle Cutting Axe

Our Fibreglass Handle Cutting Axes come in a range of sizes, please see below. Our Razorsharp range includes a variety of axes, log splitting mauls, wood splitters and scythetes.
  • 7704FG - 04.KG Mini Axe Head weight 0.4kg, overall weight 0.53kg
  • 7706FG-0.6kg Hatchet, Head weight 0.6kg, overall weight 0.79kg
  • Ideal for cutting and felling
  • Hardened and tempered carbon steel blade for strength and durability
  • Lightweight but strong 30% fibreglass and 70% nylon mix handle
  • The handle moulding extends over and around the axe head meaning it cannot be detached even under a one tonne pull test
  • Non slip, soft feel handle for safety and comfort
  • Supplied in a plastic case for safe storage and easy display at point of sale
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Part NumberDescriptionBarcodePack Quantity
    7704FGRazorsharp Fibreglass Handle 0.4Kg Cutting Axe50120956115166
    7706FGRazorsharp Fibreglass Handle 0.6Kg Cutting Axe50120956115236
    7710FGRazorsharp Fibreglass Handle 1Kg Cutting Axe50120956115304
    7718FGRazorsharp Fibreglass Handle 1.8Kg Cutting Axe50120956115472