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31st May 2017

I’m back from a few days away at the Chelsea flower show, and what an amazing week it’s been.  I think I picked the best 2 days to go, weather wise, as it was glorious sunshine, and although our stand was under the shade of the avenue of Lime trees, I had the opportunity to go and look around in the sunshine. 

I spent some of my time there working on the show stand, offering advice and assistance to the people who came on to look around.  For those of you who came on and bought something, I’m sure you’ll agree you bagged a real bargain!!

It was great fun to answer all the questions you had, and for those who I promised, below are the names of the plants which featured in the planters -
Iris ‘Deep Black’ and Tierella ‘Pink Skyrocket’.

Iris ‘Deep Black’
Tierella ‘Pink Skyrocket’ Chelsea Planters
Iris ‘Deep Black’ Tierella ‘Pink Skyrocket’ Planters

It was great fun celeb spotting, and I had a brief chat with Diarmuid Gavin (who’s garden by-the-way really was stunning).  I also caught a couple of cheeky snaps...

Floating Garden @ Chelsea     Chelsea Gardens

I’m back now though and although I have only been away for 2 days, the Spear & Jackson garden seems to have grown loads.  The seedlings in the prop house have really grown and so too have the newly planted herbaceous perennials.

Tool of the week



2581NB Neverbend Shovel

For more info on this shovel follow this link 2581NB


Neverbend Shovel

This week’s tool is the shovel.  There’s not much I can really say about it as it’s just a piece of equipment for moving materials from one place to another … isn’t it? 

Well essentially yes, but so many people don’t understand the difference between a shovel and a spade.  I’ve worked with students in college who don’t know the difference, and I’ve also worked with professional landscapers who don’t know the difference either. 

A shovel is really for moving things like gravel, soil, mulch, compost, sand and cement etc. from one place to another, and excellent for mixing concrete (but make sure you wash it thoroughly afterwards!).  Whereas a spade is really for digging in soil and for planting.

The curved sides of a shovel mean you can load it up with stuff, and as its flat along the bottom, you can easily ‘scoop’ up whatever it is you’re trying to move. 

This week I’ve been using the shovel quite a bit, and so have really put this model to the test.
Whether you’re planning a building project, or just pruning and watering, have a great gardening week...

Lee 'The Gardener'

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