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Lee Bestall
Pruning & Cutting
28th April 2016

This week I have been taking it easy for the double bank holiday period and doing some light pruning in between relaxing and a bit of light hoeing.

The weather has been fantastic here over the past couple of weeks and so clipping the evergreen Buxus hedges and topiary shapes has not been possible, but as its now cooled down again I’m going to get the box balls, cones and dwarf hedges cut back into shape.

It’s a really satisfying job with an end result that gives the garden a neat, tidy well-manicured look.

Tool of the week

Topiary Shears


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The tool I have chosen to clip the box shapes with are the topiary shears. Based on the design of traditional sheep shearers, these light weight and smooth action shears are held in one hand and used to lightly clip this year’s growth. It’s such a nice, relaxing job to do, and because they only remove a little at a time, there’s no chance of slipping up and disfiguring the topiary bush too severely.

Work your way slowly around the plant, standing back to assess and maintaining the shape as you go. I grew a box spiral from a cutting about 10 years ago (inspired by one Alan Tichmarsh did on Gardeners’ World) and its now about there.

Once clipped, feed with a general purpose organic fertilizer and water well if dry, especially if growing in pots.

Other jobs we’ve been doing in the Spear & Jackson garden include grouting the patio, re-painting the walls and have started work to the gravel area.

Designer tip – use topiary to frame a view, doorway or vista and give the garden a formal, stylish look.

Bye for now !
Lee 'The Gardener'

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