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Telescopic Tube Cutters

Eclipse offers a range of high quality pipe slicers and tube cutters for plastic, copper, brass, aluminium and mild steel
  • Manufactured from aluminium alloy
  • For cutting copper, brass, aluminium and light gauge steel tube
  • Makes clean, fast cuts, leaving little fash to clear away
  • The feed screw does not expand during use, so telescopic tube cutters are ideal for use in confined spaces
  • Each cutter includes an integral deburrer and a spare cutting wheel
  • CodeDescription Cutting CapacityPack sizeBarcode
    ECTC32Telescopic Tube Cutter 3-32mm3-32mm (1/8 - 1.3")55013035042377
    ECTC50Telescopic Tube Cutter 5-50mm5-50mm (0.2 - 2")55013035042254