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HT4 Torque Multipliers

A Torque multiplier is a device that increases the torque that can be applied. Eclipse Torque Multipliers are manufactured in the UK to extremely high standards of precision and accuracy. They offer a safe, flexible and accurate solution where high levels of torque measurement are required.
  • Available in 3000 N.m and 4500 N.m versions
  • 15.5:1 and 26:1 torque multiplication with a guaranteed accuracy of better than +/- 4%
  • High ratios allow small torque wrenches to be used
  • Robust construction for minimum maintenance and longer life
  • Anti wind up ratchet (anti backlash) fitted to allow safer and more practical operation.
  • Angle protractor for easy torque and angle tightening
  • Robust carry case with replacement square
  • Part NumberRange N.mRange lbf.ftRatioInput SquareOutput SquareWeightReaction weightPack quantityBarcode
    E170214500330026:01:001/2"1"7.0 Kg1.9 Kg15012095078708
    E170223000220015.5:11/2"1"6.1 Kg1.9 Kg15012095078715