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One Handed Bar Clamps

A range of one handed bar clamps and spreaders for a variety of medium duty wood working applications.
  • Body is manufactured from reinforced nylon with a carbon steel bar
  • Throat Depth: 85mm (3 3/8")
  • Carbon steel bar and reinforced nylon body for strength and durability and can achieve a sustainable clamping force up to 150 Kgf
  • Ideal for medium duty clamping and temporary hold down work.
  • The quick release insert trigger enables the clamps to be quickly positioned and released.
  • Easy push button system allows a quick change from a clamp to a spreader
  • Ergonomically designed soft feel pistol grip handle is comfortable to use
  • The removable pads stay fixed to the clamp and have an additional toe in feature giving an even distribution of clamping force across the workpiece protecting it from marking damage
  • Part noClamping CapacityMinimum Spreading CapacityMaximum Spreading CapacityPack QuantityBarcode
    EOHBC12300mm (12")168mm (6 5/8")495mm (19 1/2")125012095077930
    EOHBC18450mm (18")168mm (6 5/8")645mm (25 3/8")125012095077947
    EOHBC24600mm (24")168mm (6 5/8")800mm (31 1/2")125012095077954
    EOHBC36900mm (36")168mm (6 5/8")1105mm (43 1/2")125012095077961
    EOHBC6150mm (6")168mm (6 5/8")340mm (13 3/8")205012095077923
    EOHBC6X2150mm (6")168mm (6 5/8")340mm (13 3/8")55012095075592