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Razorsharp Little Giant Grass Hook

Our Razorsharp range includes a variety of axes, log splitting mauls, wood splitters and scythetes
  • Handle length: 345mm
  • Blade length: 327mm
  • Carbon steel, powdered blade
  • Carbon steel blade with black hammer powder-coating for strength and durability
  • Weatherproofed hardwood handle
  • Cranked hilt for ease of use
  • Replacement blade 4732SY
  • 10 year guarantee
  • The blade needs to be sharpened using a carborundum stone before use and at regular intervals to maintain performance
  • To sharpen the blade, hold it with the bevel up and the widest part of the blade towards you, then stroke the carborundum stone away from you along the blade to the point. Occasional strokes on the other side is advisable to remove any burr
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