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The Kew Gardens Collection Cushion Knee Pads

These three layered strap-on knee pads provide optimum comfort when kneeling down to work on hard surfaces or for prolonged periods with the flexibility to move easily around the garden
  • Three layer EVA (memory foam) and foam composition
  • SBR (Neoprene) water resistant linings
  • Pad thickness: 40-42mm
  • Pad size: 215mm x 115mm
  • Length: 230mm
  • 600mm Velcro strap fasteners
  • Constructed with a three layer combination of EVA (Memory foam) and foam for optimum user comfort
  • Easy clean, quick drying nylon cover
  • SBR (Neoprene) water resistant lining
  • Easily adjustable, long velcro straps ensure a secure, flexible and comfortable fit for most leg sizes
  • Available in a choice of two colours from the Kew Gardens Collection livery
  • Part NumberDescriptionBarcodePack Quantity
    KNEEPAD382KEWThe Kew Gardens Collection Light Green Knee Pads50120956150955
    KNEEPAD5535KEWThe Kew Gardens Collection Dark Green Knee Pads50120956151015