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The Kew Gardens Collection Patterned Cushion Kneeler

Decorative, patterned cushion kneeling pad. The pattern takes inspiration from the botanical illustrations that are synonymous with Kew Gardens
  • Dimensions: 480 x 250 x 290mm
  • Thickness: 52-54mm
  • Colour bottom and edge: Grey
  • Colour top face: dark green with tonal green illustrations
  • Constructed from a five-layer combination of EVA and memory-foam that moulds around the knees for comfort and support
  • Peanut shape ensures the padding is positioned where it's needed most
  • Easy, quick-drying polyester cover
  • SBR (Neoprene) water-resistant lining
  • Integral handle for easy carrying around the garden and hanging up after use
  • Kew Kneelers were voted Best in the Kneeler category at the 2021 Great British Growing Awards
  • Every sale ensures a contribution towards Kew's vital work in plant science and conservation
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