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Heavy Duty Metal Working Clamp

  • Made from high quality Steel bar (30mm wide x 15mm thick)
  • Capable of 1200kgf clamping force
  • Heat treated Circular pressure clamping plate with a full ball type support can be tilted 35° to withstand heavy duty working and clamp awkward shaped work pieces
  • Hex design screw end for reinforcing clamping
  • Range available with 10", 12", 16", 20" & 24" clamping capabilities and 140mm throat depth
  • Ideal for heavy duty metal working and welding applications
  • Part NumberDescriptionPack QtyBarcode
    EC-GS1010" / 250mm Heavy Duty Metalworking Clamp55012096518447
    EC-GS1212" / 300mm Heavy Duty Metalworking Clamp55012096518454
    EC-GS1616" / 400mm Heavy Duty Metalworking Clamp55012096518461
    EC-GS2020" / 500mm Heavy Duty Metalworking Clamp55012096518485
    EC-GS2424" / 600mm Heavy Duty Metalworking Clamp55012096518478
    EC-GSCPMetal Working Clamp - Spare Clamping Pad55012096518751