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3rd September 2020
Lee Bestall shows you how to top dress plants in pots and containers
14th October 2017
This week I've been dividing up herbaceous perennials, including the over crowded Astilbes, Hostas, Lupins, Delphiniums and some of the grasses. When divided in autumn herbaceous perennials (those which die down to ground level at the end of each year) should establish a new root system over the next few months while the soil is still warm.
10th August 2017
Now is the perfect time of year to begin the propagation of semi ripe cuttings. They sound complicated, but they are not really. They can be taken from any plant (normally a shrub) which has produced some growth this year which has started to harden at the base. Examples include Lavender, Box, Berberis, Potentilla and Fuchsia.
16th May 2017
Before I go to Chelsea, there's just time to build up my propagation house, perfect for protecting and growing on seedlings and cuttings.
15th May 2017
This weeks video blog is how to lay a patio, and i had it easy as we called in an expert to show you how. He'll go through the necessary steps to constructing a well laid terrace, patio or in this case, series of transitional platforms (as the client likes me to refer to them as!).
1st March 2017
Lee Bestall shows you the jobs you can be doing in your garden in early spring.
31st January 2017
Lee Bestall shows you how to prune group 3 Clematis in this video blog, part of our 'This Month In The Garden' series.
31st January 2017
Lee Bestall shows you what to do 'this month in the garden' in this late winter edition of our video blog.
9th January 2017
Lee Bestall shows you some handy tips on how to pick the perfect pair of secateurs in this installment of our 'This Month In The Garden' video blog