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1st July 2023
I know winter is probably the last thing on your mind, let alone Christmas, but now is the perfect time to start collecting material for dried floral...
1st July 2022
July is typically the warmest month of the year, and one of the driest and sunniest too. By following these key principles to watering, not only will...
20th July 2020
As we enter late summer and the garden relaxes into autumn, many of our earlier-flowering plants will be completing the final stage in their yearly...
1st July 2020
Around this time in mid-summer, the garden is in full swing and a vivid display of colour and form is hopefully on a show in your borders. However,...
1st July 2019
Back in late April I planted up the first of the vegetables in the sky garden and 3 months on I’m keen to share the results. The idea was to see if I...
18th July 2018
Some regard August as a dull time in the garden, but with careful forward-planning, you can ensure plenty of colour and foliage interest this month...
26th July 2017
This week we begin our tour of other peoples gardens, and the first stop for the next 3 weeks is Dawns garden. Set in a woodland environment, this north facing garden has pockets of special plants dotted here and there, with a wonderful use of colour repeated throughout each border. The rain makes it look like an autumn day, but it didn't put us off having a good look around.
18th July 2017
Another mixed bag of weather with a great day friday and a pretty miserable weekend. Now the tulips have totally died down I've removed the bulbs from the ground and put them in the shade of the cold frame to dry out. I'll store them till November in the garage and then re-plant them with a mixture of other pink varieties.
4th July 2017
This week I’m giving the Wisteria on the front of the house its summer prune. Removing the long whippy growths back to 5 buds will mean that in February when I reduce these same stems back to 2 buds, I should get plenty of flowers next May. As the plant is relatively newly planted, there are not that many to remove, and I have tied most of them in to the wires to establish a good framework.