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1st October 2023
With autumn comes a freshening of the air, much needed after the heat and haze of summer. With autumn rains and some crisp frosty mornings, the...
1st October 2021
October is one of my favourite times of year in the garden, looking back at summer, thinking about next year, and watching the scene turn from green...
22nd October 2020
With the rapid rise in the popularity of no-dig approaches to gardening, there is also a growing interest in the use of green-manures to help protect...
8th October 2019
The change in seasons always brings about a renewed level of excitement for me and now that Autumn has arrived, alterations in the garden are not the...
1st October 2018
We feel the end of the year approaching in October. The light fades fast, and the leaves fall almost as quickly. During daylight the carpeted ground...
14th October 2017
This week I've been dividing up herbaceous perennials, including the over crowded Astilbes, Hostas, Lupins, Delphiniums and some of the grasses. When divided in autumn herbaceous perennials (those which die down to ground level at the end of each year) should establish a new root system over the next few months while the soil is still warm.
31st October 2016
Lee Bestall shows you jobs to do in the garden in late autumn, including planting trees & shrubs.
31st October 2016
In this video Lee Bestall shows you how to use the Spear & Jackson 6-in-1 Blade Sharpener to keep your garden tools sharp.
5th October 2016
Lee Bestall shows you the jobs you can be doing 'This Month In The Garden' in mid-autumn.
5th October 2016
Garden Designer Lee Bestall shows you how much to water new plants to keep them healthy in this installment of Spear & Jackson's 'This Month In The Garden' video blog.