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1st January 2024
The wildlife in our gardens is often the wildlife we get to observe most closely. A glimpse of bird gobbling berries and rooting for worms in the...
1st January 2022
For some, digging the vegetable beds and forking around the borders is something they find brings warmth and satisfaction during the winter months...
1st January 2021
It’s January, and generally our expectations of the garden are pretty low. But the fresh winter air carries uplifting floral fragrance like no other...
10th January 2020
I love a good declutter, and fruit trees appreciate it too . As the fruit trees bare their stems in winter, take the opportunity to assess and make...
2nd January 2019
We gardeners can tend to become a little over-optimistic in January. We know that the shortest day has come and gone, and the only way is up. Sadly,...
31st January 2017
Lee Bestall shows you how to prune group 3 Clematis in this video blog, part of our 'This Month In The Garden' series.
31st January 2017
Lee Bestall shows you what to do 'this month in the garden' in this late winter edition of our video blog.
9th January 2017
Lee Bestall shows you some handy tips on how to pick the perfect pair of secateurs in this installment of our 'This Month In The Garden' video blog
4th January 2017
In this video, Lee Bestall shows you what jobs to be doing 'This Month In The Garden' for mid-winter.