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2nd April 2024
As the saying goes… April showers, May flowers. Well in our case. For the whole of winter, it’s been raining for days and days. Let’s not shed...
13th April 2023
Wisteria is a beautiful climbing plant that produces cascading clusters of fragrant, colourful flowers. They are in the pea family, which means they...
13th April 2023
Propagating shrubs by layering is one of the easiest and most care-free ways to create new plants from some of your favourite shrubs. And spring is...
1st April 2022
April can be a month of changeable and often deceiving weather. You may know the saying, ‘March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers’. The...
1st April 2021
It’s April. The tulips and daffodils will soon be fading, primula are doing their thing. The warming soil spurs on fresh and lively new foliage from...
1st April 2019
With the smell of spring in the air, lighter nights and brighter days comes the anticipation of spring. I love this time of year. Full of...
28th April 2016
This week I have been taking it easy for the double bank holiday period and doing some light pruning in between relaxing and a bit of light hoeing.
8th April 2016
This Month In The Garden Spring Lawn Care Lee Bestall shows you how to remove moss from your lawn and to aerate it in this Spring Lawn Care video
8th April 2016
This Month In The Garden Pruning Spring Flowering Bulbs Watch our guide of what to do this month in the garden, this video - how to prune summer flowering shrubs