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1st May 2023
It’s May, oh my! Of course every month is different, but there’s really no month like May. The freshest green, every year impossibly seems to be...
1st May 2022
As summer approaches, many of us are looking at our garden grass and wondering what we need to be doing. Recognising the ups, downs and differing...
28th May 2021
June is the time for planting out tender plants, tomatoes being one of them. Of course, if you have a frost-free greenhouse they may be romping away...
1st May 2021
May is a special time in the gardening year. Fading spring bulbs are being enveloped by growth around them, in the most dignified way. Spring...
2nd May 2019
If you read my article last month, you may remember that I’m on a journey to grow some of my own food this year using unconventional methods . So far...
31st May 2017
This week’s tool is the shovel. There’s not much I can really say about it as it’s just a piece of equipment for moving materials from one place to another … isn’t it? Well essentially yes, but so many people don’t understand the difference between a shovel and a spade.
16th May 2017
Before I go to Chelsea, there's just time to build up my propagation house, perfect for protecting and growing on seedlings and cuttings.
15th May 2017
This weeks video blog is how to lay a patio, and i had it easy as we called in an expert to show you how. He'll go through the necessary steps to constructing a well laid terrace, patio or in this case, series of transitional platforms (as the client likes me to refer to them as!).
31st May 2016
Jobs to do this month in the garden (early summer)
31st May 2016
Learn how to check if your soil is suitable to grow Camellias and Rhododendrons with this video
3rd May 2016
This Month In The Garden Mid Spring Lawn Care See what you can be doing in the garden now! Everything from spraying roses to lawn edging....
3rd May 2016
This Month In The Garden What is the difference between Anvil & Bypass Secateurs?