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3rd September 2020
It seems to have warmed up slightly over the past week, but the rain we've had means that if you can cope with the mess, now is a great time to start your autumn lawn care programme.
3rd September 2020
Consider wrapping plants such as new Cordylines, but not with plastic or bubble wrap as these will make them sweat and rot. Firstly tie the leaves together with string or raffia and then wrap with horticultural fleece.
18th July 2018
Some regard August as a dull time in the garden, but with careful forward-planning, you can ensure plenty of colour and foliage interest this month...
3rd September 2017
Its at this time of the year when most people retire to the garden after a hard days work, or at weekends, but this is also the time of year where garden pests like to bathe in the garden too.
26th July 2017
This week we begin our tour of other peoples gardens, and the first stop for the next 3 weeks is Dawns garden. Set in a woodland environment, this north facing garden has pockets of special plants dotted here and there, with a wonderful use of colour repeated throughout each border. The rain makes it look like an autumn day, but it didn't put us off having a good look around.
18th July 2017
Another mixed bag of weather with a great day friday and a pretty miserable weekend. Now the tulips have totally died down I've removed the bulbs from the ground and put them in the shade of the cold frame to dry out. I'll store them till November in the garage and then re-plant them with a mixture of other pink varieties.
29th June 2017
Holes in your Hostas, nibbles out of your lettuce leaves and trails on your patio. Sound familiar? The rains of late have brought our the dreaded slugs and snails en-masse, and getting rid of them is a real challenge.