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Lee Bestall
Spades & Forks
7th April 2011

The weather has really warmed up this week, and that’s great news for us gardeners.  There’s blossom from the cherry trees everywhere you look and the leaves of the hardy shrubs which made it through the winter are starting to show through.  I’ve always been a huge fan of herbaceous plants too (those which totally die down to ground level in winter), but never more so than this spring.  After that winter cold, it’s great to see them in full vigour, waking up as if to say “what was all the fuss about”

Tool of the week



Click here for more details on the Litework Border Fork


This week I’m road testing the new Liteweight border fork.  Like the border spade I used last week, its 25% lighter than Spear & Jackson's traditional versions, and its great for my raised borders.  Raised beds are so popular now and this fork is a great height and weight for the forking over of the veg beds or for applying a layer of garden compost, which is exactly what I’ve been doing this week.


Now is also the perfect time to feed your borders.  I’m using an organic pelleted chicken manure, as I intend to be totally organic in this garden, as its better for the environment, wildlife … and me!

This week sees the launch of my short ‘how to’ videos, so why not log on to see what I’m up to in the Spear & Jackson garden .

Bye for now !
Lee 'The Gardener'

See Lee in acyion in 'The Spear & Jackson Garden' - This week the Border Fork

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