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3rd September 2020
It seems to have warmed up slightly over the past week, but the rain we've had means that if you can cope with the mess, now is a great time to start your autumn lawn care programme.
3rd September 2020
Consider wrapping plants such as new Cordylines, but not with plastic or bubble wrap as these will make them sweat and rot. Firstly tie the leaves together with string or raffia and then wrap with horticultural fleece.
3rd September 2020
Choosing and planting bulbs which will flower next spring and summer seems like ages away, and we haven't even put the garden to sleep. But planted now, you'll ensure you get some great colour in the garden, at a time when you'll really appreciate it.
3rd September 2020
Lee Bestall shows you how to top dress plants in pots and containers
20th July 2020
As we enter late summer and the garden relaxes into autumn, many of our earlier-flowering plants will be completing the final stage in their yearly...
1st July 2020
Around this time in mid-summer, the garden is in full swing and a vivid display of colour and form is hopefully on a show in your borders. However,...
15th June 2020
When it comes to pruning shrubs, the go-to shape for anyone who loves to waft a hedge trimmer, is the blob! No matter the shrub, give it the short...
31st March 2020
The appearance of snowdrops in February and the rivers of golden daffodils in March are some of the early flowering events we’ve just enjoyed, both...
3rd March 2020
Have you ever visited a garden and been blown away by the perennial borders, with lots of one plant in big sweeping drifts, blocks or repeating...