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Lee Bestall
Cultivating Tools
6th May 2011

This week I’m testing the dutch hoe, again from the family of the new Litework range.  Its lightweight and has a great, smooth shaft, making hoeing a real pleasure.  25% lighter than their traditional versions, and very easy to negotiate carefully around those tender new shoots, this hoe glides through the soil with ease.

Tool of the week


Click here for more details on the Litework Dutch Hoe


I see lots of people using the hoe incorrectly, ‘digging’ around in the soil, and so its one of those tools that because people don’t really know how to use, it gets abandoned in the corner of the shed.  Stop! That’s a huge mistake.  If hoeing is done reguraly and on a warm, dry day, it can save hours and hours of weeding later on in the year.  By digging the soil with the hoe, you’ll simply be bringing the weed seedlings to the surface of the soil … perfect ... if you’re a weed seed!


The best way to use this tool, is to hold it in one hand and let it slide through the other, whilst allowing the ‘flat’ blade so skim just under the soil.  Any weed seedlings will be cut off, and annuals will curl up and die.  For perennial weeds such as dandylions, digging out will be necessary.

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Lee 'The Gardener'

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